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Yesterday was Diane and myself 8th wedding anniversary ! Time is really flying, and although we are actually married for more than 9 years (we had our civil ceremony 1 year before), we are counting the years from our religious wedding, which took place in Mauritius (Port-Louis cathedral and La Pirogue Hotel).  As Diane is working all day long and the kids were tired, we didn’t do anything extraordinary for this occasion; I simply cooked some crèpes for the whole family …

The 8th wedding birthday is the bronze or poppy one. Here in Mauritius, there are no poppies. Let me then share with one of my favorite flower, the frangipani one.

Last Thursday was the 100th birthday of Popo Leong Son, my wife’s grand mother. I was in charge of taking some images of the celebration to immortalize those unique and amazing moments.

Popo is a wonderful person, one of the greatest I ever met, still very strong, fit and alert for her age. She is a loving  and wise person, she takes care of everyone in the family, she prays a lot for her family and friends, and when she smiles, she is a real sun ray for everyone. What is also amazing is that she is gathering a lot of people around her, years after years. For her birthday, we were more than 350 people at the restaurant !

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Hi there, as mentioned yesterday, I had no opportunity to take images of Mauritius and my family since we arrived here.

Yesterday I brought my Nikon D700 to the seaside to capture some beauties of our island and some nice photos of the kids having fun in the sea. On our way, we stopped at my in-law’s bungalow where there are wonderful tropical flowers and plants like palm-trees, coco-trees, frangipani trees … I just couldn’t resist to take some images ! Hope you’ll enjoy.

As announced in the previous post, I am now writing from Mauritius where we are settled down. We had a long but good trip and we are now getting used to the Mauritian life. Winter is here, with some fresh wind which is very good to us after the European heat; temperatures though are very comfortable with around 25°C. We went to the sea once with the kids, they had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the experience to the point they didn’t want to go out from the sea ! ;-)

My new photographer life has started today with a first quotation to propose for a 3-day tamoul-catholic wedding. With all the already signed up and the pending contracts I have until the end of the year, I am very confident that Pixel in the Box will be successful. Thanks again for the trust and faith you put in me !

Since our arrival, I had no opportunity to bring my camera and shoot some images of Mauritius. Thus, let me share some old ones with you, to give you some hint of the Mauritian touch. Cheers all.

Hi all, today is our last day in Europe before starting our adventure and new life in Mauritius ! Although it will be a long day to fix all pieces of luggage in the current heat (35°C in shadow), we are all very excited by this trip.

All administrative stuffs are now fixed, we sold our cars, we gave back our flat keys, we got de-registered from everything in Luxembourg, our container left for Mauritius … we are ready and relieved to start our new life. Kids are waiting to start school in Mauritius and go to the beach everyday ! Diane is waiting to start her new career as HR manager in a consultancy company. And I am waiting to start my photographic activities, meeting new couples from everywhere in the world … Yes, we are waiting for this, we want this, and this will come true in a couple of days ! ;-)

Next time I’ll be writing here, it will be from Mauritius. So, see you all there, and thanks for all your best wishes !

Our move to Mauritius (furnitures and all stuffs) is now done. The container was made and shipped to Mauritius on Tuesday/Wednesday. We are very excited … and finally on holidays at my parents’ place for a couple of weeks before leaving for our paradise island on 13 July.

I still have a lot to do – administrative tasks to fix before we leave, a lot of photographic work to finish, some new photo-shoots to do (LuxAir, a wedding in Belgium …). But it now smells a good perfume of holiday, farniente, calm … Yeeepeeeeaaah !!

We are very delighted to become again aunt and uncle. Gabriel was born earlier today on 23 June 2010 in Metz, France. He is a beautiful French-Mauritian metisse as his father is my cousin and his mother is Diane’s sister ;-) Here are the first images of the 3 of them a couple of hours after the birth :)

Last Friday for Diane and yesterday for me, we had our leaving drinks with our colleagues – from KPMG and Lombard International Assurance respectively.

Although somehow relieved, we were both very moved as it is never easy to leave. It was very nice to have all our colleagues around us, because after all (good moments as well as difficult times), what will remain in our memory are people and friends we met, we worked with … A big thank you to all of them for the nice presents we received, we sure are going to miss them. We will keep in touch, and who knows, one day we will meet again on our paradise island ! ;-)

Chloé is turning 3 years old today ! How time flies … already 3 years. She has become a big girl and a big sister; she is talking very fluently with incredible vocabulary for her age; she is cleaned, during days and nights; she is lovely with her little brother, although quite bossy from time to time ;-)

We are very proud of her and we love her so much. Chloé, we wish you a very happy birthday !

Below images were taken during the first part of her birthday, yesterday – with family; the second part will take place today afternoon with some of her little friends; the third part will be at the crèche, wit all her fellow friends. A 3-days-in-a-row party for her 3 years old birthday … that’s nice, isn’t it ?? ;-)

Hi there ! We’re back from Berlin where we had an exceptional time in family. Berlin is a fantastic city for kids, with parks everywhere, lakes and beaches … Chloé and Simon really appreciated – we did some bike, we chilled out at the beach, we went to the zoo, we walked in the forest, we took trains and  the tube. Everything was such an excitement for them :) For us, parents, it was exciting to see the changes Berlin made in 10 years. It was great to enjoy nice places we loved when we were students … one of them being the Sony Center. Here is an image I managed to “steal” from the guards ;-)


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